About Us

Store owner and manger of Olde Towne Pizza, Baki, was born in Turkey. He was a Navy Seal for the Turkish Army for 18 months right after he finished high school.

On September 12, 1988 Baki landed in New York City. Baki came to the United States not knowing anyone and did not speak English. He found a place in Brooklyn, NY to stay for 3 months. With Baki’s outgoing personality he quickly met friends with similar interests.

Baki and his friends traveled to the Tidewater area. Baki fell in love with the area and met two Turkish men who owned Ann

a’s Brick Oven Pizza on Richmond Road. He was offered a job and quickly accepted. Baki has always been a hard worker and started at the bottom, washing dishes and prepping foods for the cooks. He worked at Anna’s Brick Oven Pizza for 4 months.

He met a man named Victorio, the owners of Sal’s By Victor. Victorio and Baki had excellent chemistry from their first interactions. Baki worked in Victorio’s kitchen cooking. Baki found his love of cooking, he learned quickly the art of making Italian food.

Victorio taught Baki the techniques of real Italian cooking. Victorio, a talented chef, was an excellent teacher and became a good friend to Baki. Victorio graduated from a gourmet Italian Culinary school. He always had fun in the kitchen. Baki worked at Sal’s by Victors for 12 years. “Victorio is my role model, my friend, my chef idol.”

After working for Sal’s by Victors, Baki and a friend opened Mediterranean Pizza on Richmond Road. The business thrived for 5 years.

After Mediterranean Pizza, Baki took over ownership and management of Victor’s Deli & Pizza. “I put my heart into that place. I worked everyday of the week.”

With a new remodel of Victor’s Deli & Pizza came a new name, Olde Towne Pizza.

Olde Towne Pizza is known for its quality of their food, while incorporates the best of Northern & Southern Italian foods. “Do it right. Keep the consistency. We want to be simple gourmet food.”

Baki says his restaurant focuses on the ingredients. Olde Towne Pizza makes their own meatballs, chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan, marinates all their meats, and even makes their tomato sauce and dressings from scratch.

“I do not cook for money. It’s for the love of the food. I put my heart and touch into every dish that leaves my kitchen. My goal is to stay small. When you prep small amount you have quick turnover and the food stays fresh longer.”

Baki basis many of his accomplishments and successfulness on his wife. Baki met his wife, Tatiana at a friends birthday party. “She helped me a lot. She’s right hand. She has helped me kept employees straight. Created a beautiful new design of our new restaurant. She has supported me and our busy family.” Baki  have three children, James – my older son, Alexander Iskender  and Fatih .

Baki takes family seriously, “the employees I have hired I have been with us for years and years, I don’t believe in turnover. I keep the same cooks because I am picky about kitchen cleanliness and food coming out perfect every time.”

“My heart is here. Any additionally money we put back into our restaurant. This country has provided so much opportunity to me. People of different cultures bring so much diversity especially within food. You can learn so much from others.”

Olde Towne Pizza continues to give their guests large portions in their relaxed and comfortable dining area. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients and the way it is prepared in every bite. The perfect amount of everything goes into the dish. Not too much, not too little. Come into Olde Towne Pizza today to experience